steel erector company of ohio

An Ohio Structural Steel Erector and Steel Reinforcement Company

Clouse Construction offers premier steel erection and building services.  Our certified welders and operators ensure a safe, high-quality service that ranked Clouse Construction among the top 50 builders by tonnage and square feet by Metal Construction News 

Through use of lifts, platforms, and cranes we are able to install steel frameworks for buildings with a wide range of heights.  Our equipment is also utilized for rigging, equipment setting, steel reinforcements, and steel maintenance in addition to typical steel erection services.

If your project requires more than just conventional steel erection rest assured that Clouse will manage your project’s needs.

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Tiffin University Heminger Center

In 2012 Clouse Construction was contracted for their expertise in steel erection to construct a Bulter Building that would be used for an indoor football and track arena.  Additional details on this project can be found in our project directory for industrial work.

Steel Pre-engineered Building Projects