Findlay, Ohio


I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Clouse Construction.

Clouse built Rowmark a state of the art manufacturing facility in 2015.   Due to our continued growth, we made the decision to add an additional 60,000 sq. ft. to the facility in 2019.    The choice for a build partner was very easy, as we had such a great experience with Clouse on the original build.

The addition proved to be a bit challenging, as we were right in the middle of the build when the Covid-19 Pandemic started.    We had to put the project on hold for a couple of months to ensure our business remained healthy.   Clouse was very understanding and worked closely with us on the project timing.   We were able to get the project re-started, as our business was actually thriving during this crisis, and Clouse jumped right back on and completed the project very quickly.

We have always found Clouse Construction to be highly professional, responsive, detailed, and creative to come up with solutions to meet our needs.

I would highly recommend Clouse Construction to anyone considering a construction project.

eric s

Eric S. Hausserman



Seneca Habitat for Humanity
Tiffin, Ohio

Habitat for Humanity 5
Thank you Lenny and Clouse


As a volunteer for Seneca Habitat for Humanity I am always grateful for ambitious people willing to use their time and talents on our building crew. We do our best to provide affordable homes for our fellow citizens. However, some jobs require equipment and manpower that we don’t have.

Thank goodness we have some charitable building professionals who are willing to help out. On Sept. 28, Lenny Clouse from Clouse Construction brought a crew to our current building site on Third Avenue. With his guidance they set the trusses and sheeted the roof. Besides his labor, he contributed the additional manpower at his own expense to his charity.

We sincerely appreciate Lenny’s selflessness. It is easy to see why Lenny is such a successful contractor. Not only is he so good at what he does, but he obviously cares about others.

Jim Ruess

Seneca Habitat for Humanity

 Habitat for Humanity

The Mennel Milling Company
Fostoria, Ohio
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Dear Lenny and the Clouse Construction Team,

It is much gratitude that I present this letter of recommendation to Clouse Construction on behalf of Mennel Milling Company. Our two organizations have work together on a number of projects over the years but the most recent one. Our new corporate office project is the most exciting to date. After 58 years in our old offices we were bursting at the seams and had outgrown our 11,000 SF building. We looked at a number of sites and buildings trying to find the right space. When we settled the former Seneca Wire Building there were a lot a lot skeptics and concern from individuals within our organization regarding the scope and cost of the project.

Watching the conversion of this 100 year old 22,000 SF brick structure from a tiered old office and warehouse building into a bright, fresh, modern office complex was inspiring. Working with the Clouse Team on this project was a pleasure as usual. We had a very tight deadlines and a lot of complicated requirements in converting the space. Clouse rose to the occasion to make sure that every detail from beginning to end was done safely, accurately, and cost effectively. We completed the project on time and on budget.

One of the greatest aspects of this project was working with all the local subcontractors in conjunction with Clouse Project Manager and Site Superintendent; there was a lot of mutual respect amongst all parties and everyone worked together as one team. I take great pride in the fact that we are able to create a state of the art, world class office space in Fostoria, Ohio utilizing local companies and local materials.

Our employees are excited to come to work every day in this wonderful new space. We are grateful for a Class A Office space that was delivered to us by Clouse Construction Team.

We look forward to the beginning of our next project together.

Kindest Regards,

D. Ford
The Mennel Milling Company  
Mennel Milling Company

Webster Industries, Inc
Tiffin, Ohio

Webster Renovation

Dear Lenny and the entire Team at Clouse Construction, 

It is with great privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Clouse Construction.  Webster Industries experienced tremendous growth in the last five (5) years with our manufacturing operation in Tiffin, Ohio.  To support and enhance the trajectory of growth, we made a strategic decision to completely renovate our corporate office structure and add approximately 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space to our existing facility.  The completed projects would allow our employee owned business the ability to provide our products to more customers, create value to our community through additional jobs, and ultimately increase opportunities for our employees to be their best. 

Our challenges for the two projects were very different.  The office project was to renovate an outdated facility with modern finishes and new technical specification over a three-year period to adhere to budget constraints.  Construction needed to be sensitive to the needs of our people and allow them to continue their everyday work.  The manufacturing addition needed to be completed quickly to meet our rapidly increasing demand and productivity requirements.  Through a collaborative process of planning, design agility, craftsmanship, and attention to detail of Clouse Construction, Webster was provided with the infrastructure, building and finishes that met or exceeded our expectation in every respect for both projects within budget.  The speed, quality, and timeliness which went into completing our surrounding grounds and plant addition was exceptional.  The projects definitely enabled Webster to continue our business during construction and complete our objectives for growth and improved efficiently.

The subcontractors, almost all of whom were local, working under the direction of Clouse Construction performed their work without flaw and actually went above and beyond in many instances.  In an old facility like Webster’s the number of change orders and surprises are always a concern.  Clouse and subcontractors kept those to a minimum with all done at the request of Webster, again being more than accommodating to fulfill our needs.
I enthusiastically want to give Lenny Clouse, project managers, crew, and the many sub-contractors an enormous thank you for a job well done.  Without a doubt, Webster is positioned to continue our success and provide value for our community for years to come.  It is without reservation that I give Clouse Construction my highest recommendation and consider it an honor to work with this outstanding company.


Webster Industries, Inc.
Andrew J. Felter
President & CEO
Webster Logo

Wyandot Mutual Insurance Co.
Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Wyandot Mutual wood construction  Click Here to view project page

I would like to thank you, your crew and staff for constructing our new office in Upper Sandusky. From the beginning of planning through the open house, you and your crew were there every day to get the job completed on schedule. The designing and ground work was first class. Being familiar with construction myself, I was grateful that your guys took extra care to use quality material. Your construction manager was on point with ordering the material and had it on site when needed. There were no delays with crews and no one was in each other’s way.

 We proudly call this office our home and it looks professional as we asked it to be. Because of how your company operates, it was a stress free project for our company. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to someone for any construction.       

Danny L Oakes
Wyandot Mutual Insurance Co.
Farmers Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc.
Wyandot Mutual Logo

Findlay, Ohio

  Rowmark Entrance

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for you and for Clouse Construction.

Rowmark has been very fortunate to have experienced exponential growth these last several years. As we acquired new companies, we realized we had outgrown our facility in Findlay’s Tall Timbers Industrial Park and wanted to establish a new, worldwide headquarters. While it was not practical to add on to our existing facility, we were able to secure a location just a short distance away in the same industrial park.

We designed a state-of-the-art facility that provided us with the manufacturing, warehouse and office space that would allow our business to continue to grow, and Clouse was the right fit for us to accomplish the project.

Our employees now have a modern building in which to work every day. Visitors coming to our new facility for the first time are immediately impressed with the beautifully designed exterior of our building, and we never tire of hearing the expressions of awe as they step through our front doorway for the first time and see the clean, open design of the entire facility. We can show our customers our latest designs in a light-filled showroom that shows our products at their best. Clouse helped us with every detail in building workspaces with all the latest amenities.

The Clouse crew was always professional and responsive to our needs. When time came for us to expand in Columbus, Ohio, we thought of Clouse immediately to meet our needs there, too. I would recommend Clouse Construction without hesitation to anyone considering undertaking a new project.

Duane E. Jebbett
President and CEO

Rowmark Logo

Mohawk Community Library
Sycamore, Ohio

_MG_1073      Click Here to view the project page     

Mohawk Community Library would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we appreciate all that you did for the Library during the construction project on the Special Edition II. We feel that your and all its employees involved provided the highest quality of professionalism and looked out for our best interests of the Library. We, as a board, feel that this project would not have been so successful without your oversight.

Thank you for being part of a community that cares about the need of the children and adults that will be able to utilize the programing room for years to come.


Michelle Schafer
Fiscal Officer
Mohawk Community Library 


Ag Credit
Tiffin, Ohio
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This is just to say “thank you” for the excellent job Clouse Construction did on our new Tiffin facility.

Thank you for your Team:

  • Being prompt,
  • Being professional,
  • Being patient,
  • Being flexible, and just
  • Seeing the job to completion!

From the comments, we know the community appreciates the facility, our Team enjoys its comforts, and our Members are already proud of it. When I come into town before dawn or after hours with the building all lit up, it is truly a welcoming site entering Tiffin. We are grateful for your Team’s efforts and appreciate a facility that will serve our Cooperative and Seneca County agriculture for years to come!


Neil L. Jordan    

Ag Credit
Tiffin, Ohio

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Clouse Construction has the bid for our Tiffin Office.

We appreciate the time and effort you have made to bring all your subcontractors’ bids, materials, and labor projections together.  We know that there are many variables and that this is no small task.

Clouse Construction had the “inside track” with us due to our past experience, and, perhaps more importantly, due to the numerous contributions Clouse Construction makes within our community.   Whether it’s sponsoring projects for youth, purchasing 4-H and FFA livestock at the fair, donating to Church(s)’ functions, sponsoring golf scrambles for charity, giving to many charities, your company’s core values and actions have our respect!

I might also add from our past experience, that your construction Team shows a high degree of timeliness, attention, and professionalism on the site. That is also appreciated by our Team.

We believe 2500 West Market Street will be a high profile project for Tiffin, our Stockholders, and our Seneca County Agriculture.  We are pleased that your Team “will be making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”   We know we will get a lot of chuckles about converting an old steakhouse into a financial institution!   But, with your help, the end product will be a facility that our Cooperative’s Farm Families will be proud to call theirs.

We’re looking forward to it,


First National Bank
Findlay, Ohio


We wanted to thank you and your crew for doing and outstanding job in building our new bank branch in Findlay. We had some unique requests at the beginning of the project and you were able to accommodate all of them. The bank is a beautiful building that our board members, shareholders, employees and customers are all very proud of. Considering the rainy weather during the project, we were extremely pleased that the project was on time and under budget. We would highly recommend Clouse Construction to anyone that has a building project. We wish you much success and look forward to working with Clouse Construction in any future opportunities.

Larry Hoffman
First National Bank


Upper Sandusky, Ohio

We would be remiss if we did not take a few moments to thank you formally for your thoughtfulness and generosity in deducting $500 from the final cost of this installation in an effort to compensate for poor performance of the of the original sub-contractor who installed the new HVAC system. Certainly, no VFW 2842 member would ever have held you responsible for the shortcomings of this particular sub-contractor firm; but, instead, our members now are even more impressed with the voluntary initiative that you demonstrated in simply deciding to make matters as right as possible. Please know, that viewed from a much larger perspective, we are extremely satisfied with overall quality of work and that of most of your sub-contractors, the efforts of which enabled the William Naus Post to reopen following the December 2008 fire into a fine looking facility. Please know, too, that we are not alone in that assessment because our members have received many compliments on the fine appearance of our newly restored post home.
Again, thank you, Lenny, for your thoughtfulness in voluntarily absorbing $500 of the estimated cost in reinstalling the VFW neon sign. This donation was not expected, but the gesture is much appreciated and contributes to reaffirming our opinion than Clouse Construction Corporation can best be described as a class act.

Rodger P. Brodman       James W. McMillan      Timothy L Huffman
 Post Commander              Post Trustee                  Post Trustee 

Church & Dwight
Old Fort, Ohio

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Thank you for you and your company’s help and cooperation in getting the project defined, approved and completed in a timely manner. The Old Fort folks were nothing but positive on working with Clouse Construction on this project. We now have a very nice break-room facility for our employees – something we are proud of!

Merry Christmas and wishes for a Prosperous and Happy New Year to you and your family as well.


Bruce Scott
Old Fort Plant Manager

Garlock Bros. Construction, Inc.
Findlay, Ohio

I had a minute to write a line or two while it’s raining (can’t imagine it’s raining) and wanted to thank you on two fronts.
First, thank you for taking a chance and working with us without an initial contract. This was a huge in getting this project of the ground. Especially so, having to do a lot of the work out of normal building sequence.

Second and more important to me personally, were the people that worked this project. John Frankart was a blessing when it came to footers and concrete work. He was very up front about what we were doing (given this crap rain we can’t get rid of) and did everything in his power to stay on schedule. He lived this job day and night, always trying to stay ahead. Without his help we would be dead in the water.
Also, Jon Redmond doing the site work was unbelievable. You always knew what he was thinking, and it was usually to your advantage to listen. This season of rain we had made him fit to be tied, but what a job he did maintaining the ground. It was remarkable how fast we dried out and got back in to the game. He lived this jobsite as well.
Each one of them had their “right hand man”. Gabe, who was disgustingly smart at figuring elevations, and Kevin who did whatever was asked him. The whole crew did a fantastic job to get this project off the ground. It would be my privilege to work with them again.
Thank you again,
Ron Opperman
Field Supervisor

North Central Educational Service Center
Tiffin, Ohio
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To Whom it May Concern:
 It is with great privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Clouse Construction. North Central Educational Service Center has experienced tremendous growth in the last five (5) years as we increased our employment from 106 employees 2006 to more than 350 in 2011. Due to the growth and the number of Ohio students we serve (more than 33,000), we needed to quickly seek a new, improved facility to meet the needs of our staff and school communities we serve.
Our Challenges were fully met by the employees without flaw. These requirements included the remodeling of the formal Kroger Building which had become a community eyesore ready for demolition. Though the work of Clouse, NCOESC was provided with multiple conference rooms, offices and storage areas along with a school classrooms for at-risk students.
In addition to Clouse totally meeting our needs, they did so with exceptional efficiency and timeliness enabling NCOESC to meet our deadlines of moving our former offices without suffering penalties for a potential extension of an existing lease. The scope of work was quickly approved and put in order with all safety guidelines followed for our new ADA compliant facility. The subcontractors working under the direction of Clouse Construction performed their work without a flaw and actually did much more than I anticipated for the facility. The number of change orders were minimal with all done at the request of the NCOESC and Clouse being more than accommodating to fulfill our needs.
It is without reservation that I give company Lenny Clouse, project manager and crew an outstanding endorsement for a job well done. the completed job. Without a doubt, NCOESC now owns a beautiful, premier building and site in Tiffin, Ohio. This was recently demonstrated by an open house with more than 350 Tiffin area residents attending – the interest of the community is exceptional. This was all done though the dedicated work of Clouse Construction. It is without reservation that I give Clouse Construction my highest recommendation and consider it an honor have worked with this outstanding company.
Dr. Jim Lahoski
North Central Educational Service Center

Niese Brothers Farms
Crestline, OH

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Thanks again for the wonderful job that you did on our building. We are very pleased with the way that it turned out. You were very professional as were every one of your sub contractors. I was amazed to see that we had a total of 20 change orders, but that did not bother anyone. They just took care of it and made things the way that we wanted them. I would like to give a special thank you to Kyle, Ty, Gary and Damon whom spent the most time on our project. One thing that really shocked us was that before we could put a punch list together Brian was here putting his own list together and asking us about any problems we had. That is something that you don’t see very often anymore. Be assured that the next time we expand you will be the ones we call first.
Thanks again,
Rick Niese
Niese Brothers Farms

Hopwell Loudon Schools
Bacom, Ohio
I was most impressed by how organized things were there in the morning. I know you and your foreman probably see the glitches but as an outsider I saw a well-oiled machine. It reminded me of an Army unit getting ready to move out. From the supervisors showing up early, the “get r done” guys rolling in, the group meeting and then rollout, I was impressed. Your men do a great job representing your business and displays the great American work ethic that will make Clouse Construction long outlast all of us.

Thanks, and God Bless America
Steve Acton

North Baltimore, OH

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On behalf of the Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative and the Board of Trustees, it gives me great pleasure to strongly recommend Clouse Construction Corporation for any building project you are considering.
Hancock-Wood began construction of a new office and warehouse facility in September 2007, and we moved into our wonderful building in July 2008, as promised. Our organization is very pleased with the quality, workmanship, and professionalism that were displayed by Lenny Clouse and his staff on this project.
I further base this recommendation on the attention that Clouse Construction placed in our project. The owner, Lenny Clouse made several trips to the project construction meetings to insure that the owner was pleased with their company’s performance on the project. Clouse also provided key recommendations on the building design throughout the project that allowed our organization to cut cost on the project.
As our project progressed, Lenny and his team worked continuously with company management and our architect to keep the project within budget. He also went above and beyond at the end of the project by addressing several outstanding issues, which were not necessarily part of Clouse’s contract. It was very apparent from discussions between Lenny Clouse and company management and our board that Clouse was more concerned about pleasing the customer rather than looking for ways to capture more money from our organization. This philosophy is very rare in general contractors today.
In summary, we believe very strongly that our organization selected one of the best general contractors for our building project and would give them the highest recommendation to anyone considering a building project.

George Walton
President & CEO

Wesley Village
Fostoria, Ohio

On behalf of myself and all of the residents of Wesley Village, we want to send you a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for the wonderful work and donation toward the memorial bench area. It looks just fantastic! You guys are great!
Thanks so much,

And Wesley Village Residents

Genevieve House
 Tiffin, Ohio
This letter is long in getting to you but it comes with a grateful heart.
I just want to let you know that the workmanship and organizational skills that went into getting the Genevive House completed in our time frame was fabulous and the end results terrific. We are grateful that you able to complete it in the tight time frame that we gave you, beginning September 12th and getting done by December 1, 2009. The working crew always seemed to be happy with working on the project in spite of so many laborers being in the house at one time.
So thank you, Bruce and Sean for all the organizing and to Craig in helping us design a beautiful house to become home for the Sisters.

Lenny, I want to say a special thank you to you and your company for the generous gift that you gave us of reducing your profit from 8% to 4%. We do so greatly appreciate your gift which saved us $16,000.00.

Thank you for all and we look forward to contine to work with you on the projects here at St. Francis Convent.
Peace and all good
Sister Diane Mueller
Project Manager
Sister Jacquelyn Doepker
Community Minister

Masters' Building
Upper Sandusky, Ohio

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Our deepest thanks and gratitude for all the time and effort you put forth in designing and building the Masters’ Building. The building is a “dream come true” for Wyandot County Agricultural Society, the community and the surrounding area. We have been told that we are the only “mid-size” facility in the area of the state.

The kitchen is absolutely the greatest!!! Not only is it functional but looks attractive. The appliances are what every caterer needs. The caterers who attended the Open House were very impressed with the facility – in every aspect!!
You thought of everything possible – from the family restroom to the large screen TV’s and technology for the computers, etc. You are the greatest!!
Your crew was great to work with. (We already miss Jeremy!!) You and all of workers were so polite and courteous. You knew from the beginning what we needed and you did your best to design and build a facility that would be a great asset to the Wyandot County Fairgrounds. The building “blends” in well with the surroundings.
Sunday’s Open House exceeded our expectations!! We estimated that approximately 1800 people attended although not everyone signed the guest register.
We cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for us. The plaque you so graciously presented to Kenny on Sunday will proudly hang in the Masters’ Building.
Words cannot begin to express our thankfulness to you………
Bonnie Miller
Bonnie Conley
The Wyandot County Agricultural Society

Schiefer Insurance
Tiffin, Ohio

         Click Here to visit Project Page

I want to thank you and your associates for all of your great work completing our new corporate office.
The comments from everyone who goes by or comes into the office are summarized by: "It's just a striking architectural building and a tremendous improvement to the West Market Street arrea and the community."
Kyle Balliet was exceptional to work with on the design and implementation phase of the project. Brian Renninger was an excellent project manager, he kept everything on the building lined up, moving on schedule, and on time for completion. Brian, Kyle and yourself were very valuable resources for the smooth, and almost seamless, start to finish performance of the project.
The sub-contractors handled everything very well. When a decision had to be made at the time of construction, I was informed completely about it ahead of time.
I was very fortunate to have you complete our office in Fostoria in 2004, and knew you and your firm were the right choice for this project. In an era when a person is summarized by their deeds, it is fantastic to see a company deliver on time and on budget. I look forward to working with you and Clouse Construction in the future.
Chris E. Schiefer

Autumnwood Care Center
Tiffin, Ohio

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I am very appreciative of all the great work your company has done. I realize it was more challenging since we were not able to "close" that section of the building. I am grateful of the care, respect and patience your crew members showed to our residents and other customers.
Sally St. Clair

The Tiffin University Nature Preserve

Dear Lenny Clouse & Crew:
       On Behalf of the Access to Recreation Project volunteers, partners and The Tiffin Charitable Foundation, thank you all for the excellent work you did constructing the gazebo at the Tiffin University Nature Preserve. Thank you also for your efficiency and resultant invoice less than bid. we are proud to have you help make this project a reality. Thank you.
      Your support helps improve the quality of life and recreational accessibility for our neighbors and visitors who are disabled, elderly, who have a child in a stroller or may have mobility challenges. We expect many will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural resources and gazebo at The Tiffin University Nature Preserve.

Suzanne Donaldson, Administrator
 The Tiffin Charitable Foundation, Inc

Union Bank Co. Project
Bowling Green, Ohio
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Wow! It's been over a year and a half and we are still getting compliments from customers about the building! That says a lot about the workmanship and forethought put into building this bank. It may be a little late in coming, but a sincere thank you to Clouse Construction, especially Mark Depinet, for the fine Union Bank building in Bowling Green, Ohio. During the construction phase, Mark never made me feel awkward in asking the many questions I had whenever I visited the site, and he always took the time to answer them. Our building finished on time which says a lot about a time commitment from a construction company!
Recently, we had some structural damage done to our drive-thru by a snow plow. I knew to call Mark, and Clouse Construction, and from there - they took care of managing the repairs. Although it was cold, Mark again took time to see that everything was done to repair the drive-thru to new condition.
We are enjoying the new building and we love the comments from people of how beautiful it is. We encourage anyone considering a new construction project, to contact Clouse for the best job possible.
Again, thank you Clouse Construction for your great work and for caring about the job.
Betty Kahlenberg, AVP
Bowling Green Branch Manager

Tiffin-Seneca United Way
Tiffin, Ohio

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On behalf of the Tiffin-Seneca United Way Board, and the community we serve, may I express our deepest appreciation for the tremendous job you and your employees did on our facility. We are pleased with the renovations and proud to have our clients, our donors, our volunteers and the general public visit our new office building. The location is definitely a benefit, the parking is great, but the interior of the building is a warm, cheerful and welcoming place in which to work and welcome our community members.
It has been my pleasure working with you, Craig, Nick, Brian, and the rest of your crew. Everyone was courteous and helpful throughout the process, and I want to personally express my gratitude for everyone's help in walking me through the process. You all went above and beyond to get the job done, and we are very happy in our "new home."
I also want to thank you so much for your generous offer to sponsor our Ribbon Cutting and Dedication for our building. As you know, our event went very well and we are glad you could join us. The food was delicious, the fellowship great, and our guests were very impressed with the facility. Many commented on what a wonderful place we have in which to conduct our business now.
Once again, thank you for your continued support and for believing in what we do at United Way. We appreciate your kindness and faithful backing, but more importantly, we are grateful for your friendship.
Patricia J. DeMonte
Executive Director

Findlay, Ohio

I compose this letter with great appreciation for Clouse Construction Corp. and the relationship JK-CO., LLC formed with your employees before, during and after the completion of our new facility. Not only is the construction work of highest quality, but the professionalism and integrity you bring to your projects are of a rare trait to find in our world today.
I would not hesitate to recommend Clouse Construction for any future projects.
Joe Kurtz

Engineered Wire Products, Inc.
Upper Sandusky, Ohio

We are delighted with the quality of the 40,000 sq. ft. building addition you did for us. A very big plus for me was the cooperation we got from you and your people in handling the unforeseen job scheduling issues, and equally important, the fairness you showed in charging for job changes. All this was essential to making a totally satisfactory job.
We found all of your people to be competent every day, in every regard. We never had a single complaint, and we were working alongside your people every day. Congratulations to you personally. It's a great feeling to see a good job done well.
John Thomas

Quick Tab II
Tiffin, Ohio

I am very happy to submit this letter of recommendation for Clouse Construction Corp.
We have contracted with you on various projects over the years, starting with our move to our present location in Northstar Industrial Park. You were very proactive in enabling us to secure this location and to complete the renovations required to adapt this location to our requirements.
More recently you completed construction of a 30,000 sq. ft. addition to this location. The preliminary work you did to understand our specific needs and to design the expansion to meet these requirements was invaluable. You spent much time and incurred significant costs without knowing if the project would move forward and we certainly appreciate that. Obviously, the project moved forward and Clouse Construction completed the expansion with complete professionalism. I was totally impressed with your complete performance on this project including design, obtaining permits and needed variances, moving utilities, etc. The disruption to our daily activities was minimal. The project was completed on time and within budget as quoted. The quality of the site renovations and building construction was exceptional. We have experienced no problems whatsoever since the expansion was completed.
We are extremely happy with our relationship with Clouse Construction over the years and the quality of services provided. I would be happy to provide our highest recommendation to anyone considering your company for any projects they are considering.
Charles W. Daughenbaugh

POET Ethanol Plants
Leipsic and Marion, Ohio

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Although it is not standard practice for our company to write a letter of recommendation for any subcontractor, I believe that it should be made noteworthy when the actions of a subcontractor have greatly exceeded our expectations in the performance of their work.

For this reason, I would like to take this time to highly recommend Clouse Construction for their efforts that they successfully demonstrated by their work on one of our recent construction projects. Clouse fielded a team of qualified professionals that were hard-working and supported the team environment when working around other subcontractor operations. Upon gaining access to the site and after completing the normal safety orientations, the Clouse team rigorously maintained all safety rules onsite. Their scope of work was performed in its entirety and all milestones were completed on time. Their projected cost was adhered to and only some minor change orders (due to revisions in their scope) were accepted and processed. The whole construction process by Clouse was very professional and required minimal field supervision on our part.
One additional note that should be highlighted concerning Clouse Construction involved a complete set of as-builts given to us without our asking. This set was obviously routinely updated as the notations included minor revisions that would have been overlooked if left until the end of the project.
Our hats are off to them for their professional participation in a very successful project.
Ernest M. Canady
 Building Systems Designer
 POET Design & Construction
 Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Grace United Methodist Church
Carey, Ohio

On behalf of Grace United Methodist Church trustees, we would like to thank you for the great job you did installing our elevator lift. We are very happy with the lift and how well it blends with our traditional Church architecture. Mark Depinet and his crew were exceptional to work with. The week that our Pastor's father died, Mark hired a cleaning crew to come in and clean the Church so it would be ready for the funeral and dinner. It was a sub-contractor's mistake that caused so much mess, but Mark stepped in and handled the problem.
If you ever need a referral, please contact us. Again, thank you for the great work.
Jennifer Nash
Trustee Business Manager
Mercy Hospital of Tiffin
Tiffin, Ohio

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Mercy Hospital of Tiffin has utilized the construction services of Clouse Construction for many years and it is without hesitation that I recommend them to you.
In addition to many renovation projects, Clouse construction has recently completed construction of the Mercy Hospital of Tiffin Radiation Therapy Center (approximately 6,000 SF). Clouse Construction is also a major contractor (site development and pending installation of a standing seam metal roof) for our current replacement facility project (200,000 SF).
In all cases, the work performed by Clouse Construction has been of the highest quality. In addition, their project management is second to no other contractor that we have engaged in construction projects.
It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend Clouse Construction for any project you are considering them for.
Charles D. Ervin
Director of Facility and Support Operations

Blanchard Valley Health System
Findlay, Ohio

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Clouse Construction has done several projects for Blanchard Valley Health System and its various entities over the past three years.
Their work has been top quality and they have maintained the established schedules. They are well organized and very cooperative.
We demand outstanding performance and often place unusual demands on our contractors. Clouse has been up to the task every time.
Clouse is currently completing a wayfinding and signage project for us at our Eastern Woods location and preparing to start another condominium unit in our senior housing development. They are on our very limited qualified bidders list.
James F. Brooks
 Owner's Representative for Construction Projects
Union Bank Co. Project

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I just wanted to take the time to let you know how well the whole project went from start to finish. It is difficult to foresee how out-of-town contractors will perform, however based on my early assumptions during my visit to your office, you and your group proved to be everything I thought you would be. You should commend your people for their professionalism, integrity and quality with the work they do.
I would especially like to commend Mark Depinet for all his efforts with John Meyer and the rest of our group to bring the project to a successful ending.
I will continue to look for opportunities in your area where we can both once again team up on future projects.
William T. Weltzer
 Director of Project Management
 K4 Construction Inc.
 Cincinnati, Ohio
SS Peter and Paul Church
Attica, Ohio

It is with great joy that I write this letter to invite you to share in our celebration of the completion of our new Social Hall at SS. Peter and Paul Church in Attica.
The new building contains two classrooms, a kitchen, and a social hall seating approximately 300 people. this addition to our facilities marks the culmination of what was originally envisioned back in the late 1960's when the present church building was built.
I have been very pleased with the work that you and your company have done. Mark Depinet has been excellent to work with and Jeremy has followed through when Mark could not be here. We are getting down to the last of the work to be finished. I think the building will be a great blessing to our parish.
Reverend Joseph P. Szybka

Good Shepherd Home
Fostoria, Ohio

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We have contracted with Clouse Construction Corporation to provide construction management services for additions and renovations to our nursing home facility. They have been involved in many aspects of the project including design, determining costs, financing, presentations to the board of trustees, obtaining permits and variances, developing bidders, preparing construction site including locating and moving utilities, making a plan to keep disruption of every day activities to a minimum, scheduling and coordinating all contractors, and keeping us advised as work progresses.
We feel our goals, such as obtaining supplies and labor locally as much as possible and building a people-oriented facility, are being met. We also feel confident that any problems or changes are being taken care of quickly, correctly, and efficiently.
Clouse Construction is understanding, cooperative and professional. I would recommend them for any project.
Chris Widman, NHA
 Executive Director